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Apple Is Set To Announced Its New IPhone On October 13
Apple Is Set To Announced Its New IPhone On October 13
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It's a pretty simple thing to do -- just say, "Alexa, send my mom a hug" and confirm that Alexa has the right contact from your list. Your mom will receive a notification on her end that plays a little jingle (and an animation if she's on an Echo Show display) and lets her know you sent a hug her way. Simple. Sweet. Endearing.





The problem: You can set up a Google Home Routine to do just about anything, and for awhile the only way to trigger it was with a voice command. Then, finally, Google added home and away routines. Problem is there's only one home routine and one away routine, and that's the extent of location triggers. location triggers for pretty much any coordinates on the globe. So when you leave work, for example, or arrive at school, you can have Alexa execute a sequence of commands like adjusting your thermostat or turning on the lights.





A fair amount of the pleasure of owning a record deck comes from being able to leave it out in your living room, showing off to visitors that you do, too, enjoy modern audio trends such as paying £20 for reissued albums you had on CD in the Eighties.





Kuo believes that the AirTags will support the use of so-called ultra wide-band radio technology, which would allow the tags to be located with a much greater degree of accuracy than would be possible using Bluetooth Low Energy or Wi-Fi.





Connect the old-fashioned way with a message or call We've almost reached peak technology when text messages and audio or video calls seem antiquated, but here we are. Don't forget you can always message, call or video call your mom, from any Alexa device to another or to the Alexa app. That means, for example, you can hop on a video call where only one person has an Echo Show smart display if the other uses the app. Here are the basic commands:





It's the first vinyl deck equipped with AptX HD Bluetooth, which sounds far, far better than normal Bluetooth - so you can transmit sound wirelessly to speakers, or (better still) to a pair of wireless headphones, and enjoy proper hi-fi sound.





As far as digital voice assistants go, I adore Google Home, I really do, but that doesn't mean our relationship is always coming up roses. You might even say the honeymoon phase is pretty much over at this point. I'm not saying we need relationship counseling just yet, but my list of pet peeves has grown frustratingly long. And worse, it's starting to come across in my attitude when I talk to Google Assistant. We just need to talk.





Now, like many folks, my mom is a boomer, which at one time meant she had the technological savvy of a garden gnome. But times have changed, and these days she's as adept at making video calls and sending Alexa hugs as any digital native. This Mother's Day, I intend to lean on technology even more than I have in years past to help bridge the 400-plus-mile distance between our respective cities.





Rumors that Apple is developing item tracking tags first surfaced in the September of last year when MacRumors released leaked screenshots of an item-tracking sub menu being developed for integration within the 'Find My' app.





The fix: A good assistant should know where I am -- wherever I am -- and behave accordingly, so until Google implements full-blown location-based triggers I'm furtively using the Alexa app on my  devices or not, you can  on your Android phone or iPhone.





Say "I love you" to your mom with a song When I learned you can send songs with Alexa, one of the first things I did was play You and Me Against the World by Helen Reddy on my Echo Show 5 and send it to my mom. If you share a special song with your mom, you can send it to her on Mother's Day (or any day!) 








Have a Nice Day by Billy Crystal & Quinton Peeples, narrated by Justin Bartha, Annette Bening, Dick Cavett, Auli'l Cravalho, Billy Crystal, Rachel Dratch, Darrell Hammond, Christopher Jackson, Kevin Kline, Robin Thede & a full cast (Audible Studios)





Send your mom a hug on Mother's Day  After a year of lockdowns and social distancing, mom hugs have become a precious commodity, and not just for people like me who live far away from their moms. An Alexa hug isn't a huge deal, and it doesn't replace a real hug by any stretch, but when physical distance or health concerns get in the way of giving your mom a real hug, a virtual one is better than nothing. 





Just open the Google Home app and tap Settings >Device settings >Default music player >Enable pairing mode. From there, pair your Google speaker with your Amazon speaker to enjoy hi-fidelity sound from your stereo speakers.





Rumours that Apple is developing item tracking tags first surfaced in the September 2019 of last year when MacRumors released leaked screenshots of the tag.  AirTags are said to work similar to Tile's tracking tags





Update: vivaldiaudio,, Google appears to have caught on to some of these alternative pronunciations, specifically the one invoking an original ingredient of Coca-Cola. This is especially apparent when using them with a Google Home smart display like a Nest Hub, which lets you know it's listening with an onscreen animation. Basically, it hears you and wakes up to listen, but then promptly ignores whatever command you issue if you use some of these alternatives.


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